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The Reunion at Halfpoint

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Sweet with Heat

Annie Dubois agreed to host her class reunion because she thought her high school sweetheart wasn't attending. When Hank Orin Jr. shows up with big declarations and looking every inch the firefighter he left Halfpoint to become, Annie is attracted and annoyed.

She has one week to decide if their 20-year old love is worth the risk.

I got lost in Annie's world. I think a lot of single mothers will be able to relate to this! I am one of those single moms and this kinda gave me back a little faith in romance. The storyline and attention to details were not missed.

Tiffany, Amazon Reviewer

About the Book

It's been 20-years since she last saw him.

Annie Dubois agreed to host her class reunion at her Aunt Elbie's Inn for one reason: her high school sweetheart wasn't attending. Even after all those years, Annie wasn't sure she could face the man she once loved. Especially not when her heart already belonged to her two kids.

Then Hank Orin Jr. showed up unexpectedly, and Annie couldn't help but be annoyed and compelled by her old flame.

He's on a mission to make her, and her kids, his.

Hank was done waiting for the one that got away. As soon as he arrived in Halfpoint, he made his intentions clear: he wanted Annie and he would do anything to have and keep her. 

With her one and only sweetheart fighting to rekindle their 20-year-old romance, Annie must decide if her busy life, and her already-full heart, has any room left for him in this sweet with heat introduction to the Halfpoint, Colorado series.

What People are Saying

I LOVE this book!!! Ms. Nott came out strong with her first book!!!
Relatable, lovable heroine, big sexy (sometimes vulnerable) Hero, and a cast of hilarious characters round this novella out into a sweet, light-hearted, and enjoyable read.
The adopted kids might be my favorite part of this book. They are SO STINKING CUTE!!! The things that come out of their mouths, while believable, had me cackling.

R. Horton, Amazon

This was a great short novel. Hank and Annie meet again after 20 yrs at the School reunion that Annie organised. Can they get back together despite their fears? The characters are well written and I can't wait for what's next for this author.

Meg, Goodreads

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Halfpoint and can’t wait to return! This is a great second chance romance filled with wonderful characters. Lots of emotions and twists to keep you entertained and turning pages. A great read!

Jemi Fraser, Goodreads


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