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Hi there!

I'm Cassandra Lee.

Wait, who?!

I'm Cassandra Lee, the real-life human behind the pen name Celia K Nott (among others). Don't worry, other than the name, Celia and I are exactly alike:

Colorado-born, mountain-raised, dessert-loving and desert-living gals who love napping and tea almost as much as we love our husband and son. The dogs get a little less of our love, but that's cause they steal my futon.

And that is about as meta as I get. Yeah, I don't keep my real name a secret because, well, I like to sell books to people. And the people who love me also love to read, so I sell to them, too.

Then why the pen name?


Well, I have written some Christian non-fiction under my real name, and plan to branch out into sci-fi romance and cozy mysteries in the future. For some idiot reason it made sense to separate it all out. To see all my endeavors, you can check out my business (yeah, I do that, too) at rockymountainromancepublishing.com.

And that's me... us... me. Anyway, I love hearing from my readers, form-filling bots, and the people who accidentally stumble upon my website. So drop me a note below to tell me your favorite romance authors or books. I'm always looking for something new to read!

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Official Bio

Celia K Nott grew up in a small town in Colorado where she learned the difference between bear and cougar attacks and how to control a spin-out on icy roads. She married her college sweetheart in 2014, and they recently adopted their first child, a son, from China.

Celia writes what she knows best: small mountain towns and quirky characters with adoption/foster-care themes woven throughout. When not writing, Celia is busy entertaining her son and their three dogs, enjoying the beauty and sport of Western Colorado, or simply drinking tea and burying herself in a good book.

Or napping. She really loves to nap.

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