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The Reunion at Halfpoint

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Sweet with Heat

Annie Dubois agreed to host her class reunion because she thought her high school sweetheart wasn't attending. When Hank Orin Jr. shows up with big declarations and looking every inch the firefighter he left Halfpoint to become, Annie is attracted and annoyed.

She has one week to decide if their 20-year old love is worth the risk.

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Is Halfpoint real? Because I want to go there!

Aubrey Brandon, author of The Napa Deal

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Romance in the Mountains

In the shadow of the majestic Rocky Mountains, nestled between pine forests and granite summits, the Colorado river takes a lazy detour through Halfpoint Valley. Settled in the late 1800s, the area is now home to almost five-hundred men and women. Folks who have learned to live, work, and love in a place precariously balanced between untamed wilderness and modern convenience.

Crack open your Kindle to step out of your living room and into the world of Halfpoint, Colorado, where gossip is the favored currency and the local innkeeper moonlights as a matchmaker.

Coming Soon

My next book comes out this spring. Don't miss out on Tanya and Cal's novella, The Return to Halfpoint.

She's trying to keep her business.

He's got Mr. Fix-it written all over him.

Together, they may just demolish that thin line between love & hate.

This closed door, enemies-to-lovers romance confronts an age-old Halfpoint rumor that will have you asking, "Is small-town gossip really innocent?"

The Return to Halfpoint

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